Unique Carpets Illumination Shag Carpet


Sold in Square Feet (custom width by custom length)
Original (MSRP) Price: $32.50/SqFt
Our Price: $27.30/SqFt
Discount Off MSRP: 16%

Sold in Square Feet (custom width by custom length)
Original (MSRP) Price: $32.50/SqFt
Our Price: $27.30/SqFt
Discount Off MSRP: 16%

Product Description:

A large, thick-and-thin white yarn of pure New Zealand Wool is augmented by a thin, subtly-tinted nylon yarn. This bright yarn accentuates the subdued luster of wool and adds sparkling color and shimmering highlights to the long, flowing texture of Illumination. It is available in four standard color-ways that will add warmth and character to any décor.

Deco Pearl – 5910
Golden Sand – 5920
Iced Mint – 5930
Silver Mist – 5940

Fiber content: 76% Wool, 24% CF Nylon
Country of origin: United States
Width: Custom – 5 feet to 15 feet

Manufacturer’s Warranty:
Unique Carpets warrants that goods sold hereunder will be free from defects in workmanship or materials for one year from date of invoice. Such warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties by Unique Carpets, expressed or implied of operation of law or otherwise including without limitation warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Unique Carpets’ liability and Buyers sole remedy for defective goods shall be replacement, repair, or refund of the purchase price or grant of an allowance, at Unique Carpets’ election. Pile crushing, matting, pilling, shedding, fuzzing, shading, soiling, and water-marking are not defects and will not be considered for claims. Return products shall be shipped to Unique Carpets’ facility at Buyers expense.

Additional Information

Carpet Materials

   — Wool/Synthetic Blend Carpet, Wool Carpet


Deco Pearl – 5910, Golden Sand – 5920, Iced Mint – 5930, Silver Mist – 5940

Unique Carpet Illumination Shag Carpet