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Take any of Radicis innovative wall-to-wall wool carpeting and turn it into a custom bound area rug!

Pick from carpets that are:

  • Amazing wool and synthetic carpets
  • Many colors
  • Plush, saxony, frieze, shag, berber, textured, or flat-weave
  • Non-toxic/hypoallergenic and eco-friendly/sustainable, handmade, and high traffic

With custom cutting and binding, you can get any size or shape you like. Max sizes are the standard carpet roll width and any length up to 100ft. Custom non-rectangular shapes available.

Our pricing is extremely competitive for custom bound rugs. The raw carpet price is applied first to get a base price, then custom cutting, binding, and padding are added after, and shipping is calculated on the final product.

To order a Radici custom bound area rug, follow these steps:

Step 1: Pick out a Ridici wall-to-wall residential carpet:
Samples are available by contacting us.

Step 2: Contact us to help you with pricing, sizing, cut charges, binding options, padding, and shipping.

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